University of Winnipeg To Host New Fan Convention

University of Winnipeg To Host New Fan Convention

WINNIPEG — February 2, 2017— The University of Winnipeg’s Riddell and Eckhardt-Gramatte Halls will host a new fan convention coming to Winnipeg. FanQuest takes place May 26-28, 2017, and this locally organized convention promises a more interactive fan experience than others.

“We want fans to be able to come to FanQuest and not have to worry about spending a lot of money,” says Dan Vadeboncoeur, one of the event’s founders. “Once you come through our doors, all activities are free of charge.”

Some of those activities include e-sport video game tournaments, live fandom-themed photo booths, script-readings with celebrity guests, and many more. Other conventions often charge extra fees on top of admission for such things. Not so with FanQuest.

FanQuest brings all fandoms together for the first time at the downtown campus.

The convention will be bringing in celebrity guests representing various fandoms, such as Patrick Sabongui from CW’s The Flash. Other guests include YouTubers, voice actors and local cosplayers.

While most celebrities on the “con circuit” make money by selling autographs and photo opportunities (so the con doesn’t have to pay an appearance fee), FanQuest is trying to do something different by offering guests a fixed appearance fee so attendees aren’t charged extra. It’s a risky move, but something Vadeboncoeur feels will improve the experience for both fans and guests. “A lot of times the celebrity is stuck at their table all weekend waiting for people to come buy an autograph,” he says, “Our method frees up the guest so they can walk around the convention, interacting with fans and having a good time.”

FanQuest will also feature local artists, authors, and businesses selling merchandise in the FanQuest Bazaar, however the vendors will be limited in number, and as non-competitive as possible.

FanQuest is currently running a Kickstarter to raise money for up front costs, like booking the venue and guest travel expenses. Visit for more information on how you can help make FanQuest an amazing fan convention for Winnipeg!