Give It 30 Minutes

Give It 30 Minutes

If your idea of exercise and getting into shape consists of endless wind-sprints, push-ups and sit-ups, give James Pollard thirty minutes of your time and he’ll show you something better. And better isn’t just about muscles, bulk or weight loss. Better is a balanced lifestyle that allows you the opportunity to reach your fitness goals while living between the lines of life’s main obstacle—time.

James is more than proud to bring ARX Fitness, the latest and newest form of resistance training, to downtown Winnipeg and he wants nothing more than for you to be a part of the experience.

“There’s no need to spend hours in a gym anymore,” said James, “We can accomplish those same goals you’ve strived for in thirty minutes, once a week.”

ARX Fitness Studios in the Richardson Concourse features the latest, state of the art exercise technology including both the Omni and Alpha Machines which offer full resistance training, all in one.

“This is a first in Canada,” said James. “We are set-up and ready to go. Our team is experienced with the machines and the entire process. We can show you the technology behind the machines, help you set your fitness goals and our ARX Specialists will work with you through your program. And each session is a max of thirty minutes.”

ARX stands for ‘Adaptive Resistance Exercise,’ but instead of using weights as the means of resistance, they use finely-tuned motors. With this ARX technology, the machine is able to consistently match the user’s force output, providing them perfect resistance with every repetition. ARX provides safe, controlled, immediate, infinite, and quantifiable resistance that is of a higher quality than what is currently possible with all the out-dated, gravity-based systems found in traditional gyms.

“Adaptive Resistance Exercise shatters fitness conventions by using science to make your fitness better. Resistance adapts to your output, so you’ll never drop weights or guess incorrectly. Each second of every repetition is quantified as ARX precisely matches your intensity and ability. One session per-week is all you need for a full-body workout with proven results you can see.”

The best way to find out is to head down to the studio at One Lombard Place, Unit L16, and try a free introductory session. Every session is one-on-one training with an ARX Specialist.

You can either book online at or call 204-615-6279.